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In the Balance

Stephens College, Davis Gallery, 2009, 30' x 30' x 13'

In the Balance was an installation consisting of projected scrolling text from two projectors onto 3,000 individual “poufs” of melted translucent fabric hung by monofilament in an oval formation such that visitors could walk into the piece. The projected weaving text was inspired by my desire to touch the viewers, but I altered it using the “cut-up” method popularized by William Burroughs. The text read: “Is sense light. Nowhere caressed you feel of I you to want shadows. Want I can you want there I sense go. I nowhere want begin lose that self. To deeply to to be feel you embraced. Even…" This text meandered over the fabric like moonlight on nighttime clouds or like sunrays reflecting on jellyfish. On the thousands of lines of monofilament, the projection appeared as rain or bubbles. Responses to the piece include: "I feel like I'm in heaven!" to "It's like I'm in the womb!"

This piece has been video documented by Gerik Parmele and can be found at this site: